Our Guests’ Favorite Ways to Enjoy the Charlotte Nightlife

From bars and clubs to lounges and live music venues, Charlotte nightlife is hotter than ever. The Queen City, as Charlotte is known, is guaranteed to show you a good time. There is an excess of entertainment available for those who are single and ready to mingle or those who just want to spend some quality time with friends or a loved one.

The Best Charlotte Nightlife Spots

  • TILT on Trade
    This pub and dive bar boast “Good Drinks. Good Friends. Great Times.” Don’t forget to check out their daily specials for a great deal when you’re out on the town!
  • Alexander Michael’s
    This tavern is a very neat spot with a great neighborhood atmosphere. This is the perfect place to have a delicious meal and start your night out on the town.
  • Moosehead Grill
    Open until 2 am every night, this dive bar has been serving Charlotte since 1997. Whether you want to stop by for a late night meal, or just enjoy a tasty cocktail, Moosehead Grill has you covered.
  • Sir Edmund Halley’s Restaurant & Freehouse
    Don’t forget to check out Sir Edmund Halley’s Restaurant & Freehouse’s weekly happenings. If you just so happen to be in town for your birthday, make sure to take advantage of their free birthday dinner when you join their club!
  • Rí~Rá
    This Irish pub has everything you could be looking for in a late night stop. From their 90s night on Thursdays at 10 to their late night food, you’re all set!
  • Cosmos Café
    The high-quality bar staff and an incredible amount of spirits will deliver the perfect nightlife. For over 15 years, Cosmos Café has been one of the best after-hours spots.
  • 300 East
    Featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, after 25 years you know that 300 East is doing something right. This is the perfect place to start off your evening exploring exactly what Charlotte nightlife has to offer.

Charlotte Nightlife 18+

It can be a challenge finding the perfect Charlotte Nightlife if you aren’t 21 yet. Luckily for those aged 18-20, Charlotte does offer certain places for those in this age range. NC Music Factory offers some 18+ events depending on the artist. Make sure to check their schedule to find the perfect event for you and your friends. On Wednesday evenings head over to Suite at EpiCentre where you can enjoy an 18+ college night! Club 935 offers a similar special for college students 18+ on Thursday nights. Don’t feel like all hope is lost if you are not of legal drinking age yet, there is still plenty of Charlotte nightlife for you to explore!

Wake up with Davidson Village Inn

Whether you’re looking for a rowdy night out on the town, or just a cold glass of beer, Charlotte has it all. During the day, take some time to explore the area including the quaint surrounding towns like Davidson, NC. To learn more about Davidson, NC, make sure to download our free Vacation Guide. This guide includes everything from great eateries to fabulous shopping and divine accommodations. After a fun day on the town and an exciting night, head back to Davidson Village Inn for a relaxing stay. We can’t wait to book your stay!