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Business Traveler Testimonials

We pride ourselves on being a perfect lodging option for professionals visiting the Davidson and Lake Norman area. From business-friendly amenities and a convenient location to personal service and hospitality, you won’t find at a chain hotel, we offer the best option for corporate travelers. But don’t take our word for it – see what our guests have said! Then, call us at (704) 892-8044 and ask about our corporate rates.

Testimonial by Sneha Subramanian, Associate Director, Thomas J. Watson Fellowship/ Watson Foundation

The Watson Group EmployeesEvery year the Watson Foundation organizes a private event bringing in over seventy people from all over the United States and the world to descended upon a college campus for three days. This year we held this Conference at Davidson College and our stay in the town of Davidson could not have been better accommodated to our very specific needs.

We needed to put up about 15 people in the Inn and Mariano was extremely helpful in helping us reserve the room block.

The Davidson Village Inn was our hub to have small meetings, meet with staff to organize and collaborate for the rest of the day, to run back to for small errands, and to finally come home to at night. The staff at the Davidson Village Inn knew everyone’s name upon arrival (at least 10 of us and we arrived sporadically!) and greeted us daily beyond just asking how our day was, even shifting the start of breakfast to accommodate some of our guests who were leaving from the Inn for early morning flights. Everything from the mugs to the breakfast items from a nearby bakery and the cleanliness and upkeep of the main space and individual rooms spoke to an outstanding and thoughtful staff. They were constantly thinking about what could make our stay easier, and the walk from the Inn to the campus was incredibly quick, making our days significantly easier.

We could not recommend a stay with the Davidson Village Inn enough! 

– Sneha Subramanian

Testimonial by Jon Barhorst, SVP & Chief Credit Officer- Retail Card, Synchrony Financial

Jon Barhorst, guest at Davidson Village InnMy favorite part of traveling for business to the Charlotte area is coming home to the Davidson Village Inn.

Isn’t it the details of a place, a work of art or even a person that makes us fall in love with it, or with them? Experiencing the people and the holistic experience of the Davidson Village Inn always brings me joy! I want to note just of few of the especially meaningful reasons I make Davidson my hub during business and personal trips to the Charlotte area:

Culture – unique personality of the property, built the entire guest experience, from décor to services around the Davidson College small town environment.

Location – Well hidden from the main city of Charlotte masses! A reasonably short drive into the city. The “win” is that the Davidson Village Inn sits right in the heart of the small beautiful town of Davidson. Therefore, award winning restaurants to soda fountain hamburgers are all options within a 1-3 minute walk.

Size – Small and intimate, creating the feel of being in a private home, rather than a typical hotel.

Service – Highly personalized, the staff very quickly becomes part of your extended family, providing every visitor an individualized “You are not far from home” experience. My friends at the Inn are genuine, they act with kindness and care, unrehearsed. This is a place where the people shine, ensuring my well-being is their top priority.

I eagerly await my next stay, as the experiences are always enjoyable!

– Jon Barhorst

Testimonial by Sam Williamson, IBM Managing Director, Lowe’s

Sam Williamson
For the last five years, I have enjoyed the great joy of working with Lowe’s just outside of Davidson in Mooresville.

I make the trip down from New York every week.

We all know how hard travel can be. It’s never easy being away from family and friends, so the last thing I wanted was a sterile, chain hotel experience.

Lucky me to find the Davidson Village Inn right in the middle of town.  It is just as close to home as you can get.  To have an owner like Mariano (and Rebecca and Gordon prior) who is personal and truly cares about your experience is a unique treat.  Besides, where else could I leave my running shoes, have access to the YMCA, walk to all the cool restaurants, and even have tickets to the Davidson athletic events?

No thank you to the hotel frequent stay points!! I will take the charm and quality and feeling at home of the Davidson Village Inn every single week!!!

– Sam Williamson

Testimonial by Susan Griffith, Strategic Consulting Director, LivePerson

Susan GriffithI travel extensively all over the world on business. I have the pleasure of spending a great deal of time in the Mooresville/ Davidson area. About a year ago, my colleague and I decided to try the Davidson Village Inn, as we loved its central location in charming downtown Davidson. What a wonderful day that was for us. I now stay exclusively (or as exclusively as their popularity allows me to) at the DVI, forgoing the great reward of the business traveler – hotel chain loyalty points.

I do this for a variety of reasons: the comfort of the rooms (The sheets at the DVI are decadent!), the coziness of the lobby with its wonderful music and fireplace, and the fantastic breakfast every morning. The main reason that I stay there is because Mariano, his wife Caroline, and their amazing staff treat me like royalty when I am there. They call me by name. They welcome me back as if I am the most important guest they have. They take care of me. They ask me about my business and my family. They make me feel valued as their customer. Mariano understands customer service and true hospitality, and expects his staff to deliver at a level of excellence that is difficult to find. Mariano greets me like family and treats me like a friend. He has my loyalty as a guest.

-Susan Griffith

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