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Business Travel Packing Tips

Between the hassle of flying or traffic involved with driving, going on a business trip can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to find some of our favorite business travel packing tips to make your trip as easy and smooth as it can be!


6 Business Travel Packing Tips

  • Purchase Quality Luggage: Owning a great piece of luggage can make a big difference, especially at the airport. Make sure your suitcase is easy to maneuver and has the appropriate amount of space needed to fit your clothing.
  • Don’t Check Your Bag: This obviously depends on the length of your trip, but packing light allows you to bring a duffel bag or smaller suitcase that can act as a carry-on. This is a great way to avoid baggage fees.
  • Bring a Neck Pillow: This handy business travel packing tip is handy for most people who have late-night flights or trips that run through the night. It’s a great way to stay comfortable and make sure you don’t wake up with a sore neck.
  • Pack Casual Clothes: While you will most likely need suits and dress shirts for your meetings and other business ventures, be sure to bring along casual clothes for relaxing or working out.
  • Buy Travel-Sized Toiletries: Having a set of travel-sized items like toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, or other liquid items you deem necessary in TSA approved sizes allows you to carry your bags through security.
  • Pack With a Purpose: Making sure your electronics and liquids are accessible is an important business travel tip that can help you easily navigate the TSA line. Nobody wants to be the person having to unpack their suitcase to find the computer.

4 Tips for Seamless Business Travel

  • Download Airline Apps: Before you arrive at the airport, download the app for the airline you’re flying with, so you can have your ticket on your phone. It’s much easier than having to print it out.
  • Book Direct Flights: Sometimes, it depends on where you’re flying, but direct flights make a business trip much more manageable (and less tiring).
  • Pack Food: Airport food can be pricey, so packing your own snacks is a great way to cut costs from your travel.
  • Enroll in a Travel Rewards Program: Receiving airline miles or points on a credit card for travel are excellent ways to make the most of your business travel with benefits.

Plan Your Business Trip to the Davidson Village InnDavidson Executive Suite for Business Travelers

Davidson Village Inn is an excellent place to stay for those traveling for business. We offer free high-speed internet, working desks in all of our rooms, on-site parking, and a list of other amenities. You can read more about why our Inn is ideal for business travelers on our website!

Book your next business trip with us! We look forward to welcoming you to the Davidson Village Inn.