8 of the Best Lake Norman Biking Trails

We are so lucky here in Davidson to have access to beautiful Lake Norman. Of all the activities to experience in the area, biking is one where there are so many places to choose from. No matter if you are a first-time rider or are experienced on the trails, there are quite a few Lake Norman biking trails out there. Let us help you find out where to ride in the Lake Norman area.

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Lake Norman State Park is home to over 30 miles of a trail system known as Itusi. Because many of these trails intertwine, you can make your ride short or add an extension on by biking onto another trail. An interesting fact about many of these trails is that the trails reverse every other year. As a result, the trails go clockwise on even years and counter clockwise on odd years. If you happen to visit a park in an odd year, make sure you visit again the next year so you can ride in a completely different direction!

Here’s our list of 8 of the best Lake Norman Biking Trails!

Hawk Loop

The Hawk Loop in Lake Norman State Park is a 2.7-mile single track moderate trail. The great thing about the trail is that you can easily access Hicks Creek Loop and Norwood Loop to extend your ride.


The 6-mile loop of the Monbo trail is easy and great for beginners. The twists and turns on this trail keep riders coming back for more. Many riders prefer this trail going in the clockwise direction but it is worth a ride to see for yourself.

Norwood Loop

The Norwood Loop is a 3.3-mile trail with a pump jump built in. The loop, which can be accessed off the Hawk Loop, reverses every year like the Monbo trail and offers riders great views of the lake.

Laurel Loop

One of the longest of the trails in the park is the Laurel Loop. This intermediate, 9.75-mile loop offers bikers steep climbs and some climbing. Other trails that can be accessed from this trail are the Fallstown Loop and Fox Loop.

Hicks Creek Loop

Riders looking for a little bit of a challenge will enjoy the Hicks Creek Loop. This flowy trail is easy for the most part but also has an incline at the beginning. The 2nd half of the loop is a smoother ride but has tight turns.

Fallstown Loop

The Fallstown Loop is a great addition to the Wildlife Loop. This new trail, which opened in 2012, is 1.25 miles in length. Depending on the direction the trail is going that specific year, you may experience some uphill climbs along the route.

Fox Loop

Another newer trail to the park is the Fox Loop. This 2.5-mile trail can be found off of the Wildlife Loop.  Bikers love this area because of its wooded and rugged terrain.

Wildlife Loop

The Wildlife Loop is accessible through Laurel Loop and offers experienced riders a half pipe. The trail runs for 4.25 miles and is rated as intermediate.

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