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Hiking and Biking Around Lake Norman NC

Updated: February 2022. For outdoor enthusiasts looking to experience the incredible scenery, the trails for hiking and biking around Lake Norman, NC are the perfect places to start. From incredible waterfront views to majestic forests teeming with wildlife, we’ve selected some of the best trails for adventurers to explore. 

Hiking Around Lake Norman

Lakeshore Trail

  • Length: 5.2 miles
  • Elevation: 436 ft
  • Route type: Loop
  • Dog allowed on a leash

Lakeshore Trail is a moderate hike in Lake Norman State Park. This natural surface loop has a minimal incline, but its length ensures a satisfying workout. The full hike is marked in white while the shortened loop (3 miles) is marked in red (see park map). Hikers can expect to encounter stunning lake views, beautiful flora, and maybe even a few deer along the way. 

Alder Trail

  • Length: 0.9 miles
  • Elevation: 49 ft
  • Route type: Loop
  • Dog friendly

For a more casual hike in Lake Norman State Park, Alder Trail is an easy “leg stretcher” with a beautiful view. It’s one of the park’s oldest and most popular trails, running alongside the shores of Lake Norman. This trail is great for those seeking a peaceful, relaxing stroll in the woods.

Beechwood Trail

  • Length: 1.1 miles
  • Elevation: 88 ft
  • Route type: Loop

The Beechwood Trail at Latta Nature Preserve is a moderate loop trail. The trail winds through the park’s largest beech trees, and in early summer hikers can see tons of colorful wildflowers in full bloom. It runs alongside a small creek and offers plenty of shade.

Split Rock Trail

  • Length: 1.8 miles
  • Elevation: 141 ft
  • Route type: Loop
  • Dog allowed on a leash

Split Rock Trail is another great hike at Latta Nature Preserve. It offers a beautiful lake view and is one of the best places to see the rare Schweinitz sunflowers in bloom every year from September to October. It’s also a dog-friendly trail as long as you keep your furry buddy on a leash.

Biking Around Lake Norman


Monbo Loop Trail

  • Length: 6.0 miles
  • Elevation: 475 ft
  • Route type: Loop
  • Dog allowed on a leash

The Monbo Loop Trail is a 6-mile loop in Lake Norman State Park, with exciting twists and turns perfectly suited for mountain bikers. While this trail is open for hiking too, the hills and descents are best experienced on two wheels. Again, dogs are allowed on the trail as long as they are on a leash.

Hawk Loop Trail

  • Length: 2.5 miles
  • Elevation: 173 ft
  • Route type: Loop
  • Dog allowed on a leash

Another popular biking trail in Lake Norman State Park is the Hawk Loop Trail. It is a track with idyllic scenery and a minimal level of elevation. It’s great for a quick afternoon outing but connects with Hicks Creek Loop if you feel like extending your ride. Check for signs as the direction for mountain bikers is reversed each year by the State Park.

Fisher Farm Trail

  • Length: 1.9 miles
  • Elevation: 121 ft
  • Route type: Loop
  • Dog friendly

The Fisher Farm Trail actually offers a number of loops for mountain bikers depending on your preferred level. Watch for signage identifying easy (green), moderate (blue), or hard (black) loops. The trail allows plenty of room for both hikers and bikers.

Laurel Loop Trail

  • Length: 9.9 miles
  • Elevation: 748 ft
  • Route type: Loop
  • Dog allowed on a leash

The Laurel Loop Trail is a nature lover’s delight. This moderate trail weaves through pines and hardwood trees and also crosses a few bridges. One thing you won’t miss is the abundance of mountain laurel that grows thickly on this wooded trail. Again, mountain bikers should take note of the Park mandated direction for riding the loop.

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