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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Davidson College

Davidson College was established in 1837, making it one of the oldest colleges in North Carolina. It has now become one of the most well-respected liberal arts schools in the state, attracting students from all over the world to study at this prestigious institution. From famous alumni to old campus lore, this school has a colorful and fascinating history, and plenty of exciting developments are still happening today. Keep reading to discover 8 things you didn’t know about Davidson College. 

The Origins of Lux the Wildcat

Davidson College officially adopted the Wildcat as their school mascot in 1917. The history of their mascot dates back to the late 1800s when rumors of a real-life wildcat prowling around campus began to spread. While there were no official sightings ever recorded, a group of pranksters constructed a fake wildcat in the 1890s to play a joke on their classmates, and eventually, the mascot we all know and love was created. Today Lux the Wildcat is a Davidson College icon, making appearances at every rally and sporting event. 

The Old Well – A Davidson College Legend

Although it is no longer a functioning water well, the Old Well is an important part of the history of Davidson College, and one of the most photographed spots on campus. Legend has it that young couples who share a kiss by the well will be granted luck in love, and will go on to get married in the future. 

The Invention of Flickerball

In 1951, the very first game of Flickerball was played at Davidson College.  What started as an alternative to touch football has become a Davidson tradition, with freshmen residence halls still holding Flickerball tournaments each year. Over the years flickerball has been played at schools around the nation, even becoming popular at the United States Air Force Academies.

Notable Alumni

Davidson College has a plethora of noteworthy alumni, from mystery writer Patricia Cornwell to pro-basketball star Stephen Curry. Perhaps most famous of all is 28th president of the United States Woodrow Wilson, who attended Davidson College in 1873 at just 16 years old. Davidson College is the alma mater of 23 Rhodes Scholars and countless award-winning writers, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

Pathways to Debt Free Education

In 2007, Davidson College introduced the groundbreaking Davidson Trust, a financial aid program that helps meet 100% of students’ expected financial needs and eliminates the need for student loans. Davidson College was the first liberal arts school to introduce this type of program, allowing students to receive a high quality education regardless of their socioeconomic background. 

Fighting to Combat Climate Change

In 2021, Davidson College announced a new climate action plan, which will cut the school’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over the next 5 years. Their plan includes integrating renewable energy sources on campus, utilizing more eco-friendly transportation options, and encouraging community wide participation through education. 

Exciting Summer Camps

Davidson College hosts a variety of summer programs every year, from athletic camps to college prep courses. The college even hosts a day camp at Lake Norman for elementary and middle school kids, allowing them to learn new skills, enjoy a variety of exciting recreational activities, and develop lifelong friendships.

Extensive Art Galleries 

As a liberal arts school, it’s no surprise that Davidson College is home to some incredible art exhibits. The Van Every and Smith Galleries are home to incredible works from artists all over the globe, and their campus sculpture program draws countless visitors every year who come to marvel at the incredible outdoor works displayed around the campus grounds.

Lodging Near Davidson College

Davidson College is located in the heart of Davidson, NC, a charming small town right off the shores of Lake Norman. Brimming with excellent restaurants, unique shops, and beautiful scenery, it’s hard not to feel at home the instant you arrive. If you’re interested in taking a tour of Davidson College, Davidson Village Inn offers comfortable accommodations with easy access to the campus, the college store, and all the top attractions in the area. Guests of Davidson Village Inn also get 2 complimentary tickets to any Davidson College home football game during their stay, so you can cheer on the Wildcats and sleep in comfort in North Carolina’s most charming college town.

September 20, 2021

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