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6 Reasons to Visit Wing Haven Gardens in Charlotte

Located in Myers Park, one of Charlotte’s oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods, you’ll find Wing Haven Gardens. Originally founded in 1927, this beautiful site is teeming with history and natural wonders. Wing Haven is like something out of a fairytale, from the incredible bird sanctuary, flowing fountains, and incredible display of plant life. To learn more, keep reading to find out 6 reasons you should visit Wing Haven in Charlotte, NC.

Elizabeth Lawrence House & Garden

Visit the historic home and garden of award-winning author and landscape architect Elizabeth Lawrence, one of the most influential figures in Southeastern horticulture. She designed the gardens to be a “living laboratory” where she could study, cultivate, and write. The gardens were rehabilitated to their former glory for 23 years, and to this day they remain true to Elizabeth’s original vision.

Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary

An oasis of pools, fountains, lush plants, and wandering pathways, the Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful place to explore and visit. The gardens were specifically designed to serve as a nesting site for local and migratory birds, and over 150 species of these winged wonders have been spotted here throughout the years. Exploring the Haven Garden truly feels like taking a walk through paradise.

SEED Wildlife Children’s Gardens

The Student Environmental Education and Discovery (SEED) Wildlife Garden is a space for children to learn, play, and plant. Featuring a child’s sized wildlife den, a storytelling circle, natural play areas, and a dreamy green tunnel for kids to explore, the SEED Garden encourages children to explore and enrich their environmental knowledge in a hands-on environment. It is a favorite for school groups, scout troops, and family outings.

Treasure Trees

Wing Haven Gardens is home to a variety of North Carolina champion trees, one of which is their astounding 130-foot-tall Tulip Poplar. This incredible giant was declared Jewel of the Queen’s Crown and a Treasure Tree by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. Wing Haven Gardens is also home to the nation’s second-largest Pin Chastetree.

Special Events

The two event venues at Wing Haven are both excellent choices to host your next Charlotte event, whether you’re hosting a social gathering or corporate meeting. The Education Room is an elegant space with a beautiful view of the Haven Gardens, and the Elizabeth Lawrence House is a whimsical cottage with a peaceful sunroom. The SEED Gardens are also available for children’s events.

Biannual Plant Sale

For those looking to expand their home gardens, Wing Haven hosts two plant sales a year for visitors to shop through the incredible variety of flora in their nursery. These sales take place every spring and fall, so be sure to keep an eye on their events calendar so you don’t miss the chance to bring home a piece of Wing Haven.

Come Back and Relax in Davidson, NC

Located just 30 minutes north of Wing Haven is the charming town of Davidson, NC, where you’ll find plenty more bountiful gardens and serene spots to enjoy. Davidson Village Inn is the perfect place to wind down after a day exploring the natural wonders of North Carolina. Choose from any of our 18 beautiful guest rooms, where you’ll sleep peacefully every night between our Comphy Company sheets, and wake up to a delicious breakfast from our friends at Famous Toastery.

Published April 2021

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