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10 Discovery Place in Charlotte Exhibits That Will Blow Your Mind

Discovery Place in Charlotte is guaranteed fun for the whole family. From their awe-inspiring, educational exhibits to their mind-blowing IMAX theatre, you and your family will find a day full of educational fun.

Discovery Place in Charlotte Exhibits

Discovery Place in Charlotte has a multitude of exhibits for kids of all ages to enjoy. Whether you want to lie on a bed of nails or view a dissection, you will leave Discovery Place with more knowledge than when you entered.

  1. Explore More Life Lab
    A theme that changes monthly, the
    Explore More Life Lab is a hands-on lab focused on giving children an understanding and appreciation of biodiversity. This lab has different themes each month such as The Blue Planet, which focuses on what makes up 71% of our planet: water! With special events and activities including dissections, your kids will have a one-of-a-kind experience where they can engage in real-world life science.
  2. Think It Up
    Put on those thinking caps because Think It Up is all about your ideas and imagination. One of the many activities within this exhibit is Designing Footwear where your child can use scrap materials to create a mock design and prototype of footwear.
  3. Explore More Stuff Lab
    This is another lab with a theme that changes monthly. The Explore More Stuff Lab has in the past included activities such as Colorful Chemistry where kids learned about chemistry through some fun and colorful experiments!
  4. Science Buzz
    Science Buzz stations are located throughout the museum. At their designated stations, you and your kids can learn about current events by using the latest science.
  5. Project Build
    Gather your little aspiring architects for Project Build! In this exhibit, visitors will have access to different materials, such as PVC pipes and camo netting, to build structures crucial for human survival. Like a real architect, they’ll be able to begin with building sketches, floor plans, and computerized buildings.
  6. KidScience
    KidScience is the perfect place to bring your little ones. Geared toward early childhood learning, ages 0-7, your children will be able to learn the basics in science and math.
  7. Discovery 3D Theatre
    Prepare to have sensory overload with the 3D productions put on at the Discovery 3D Theatre. With short films usually ranging from 15 to 20 minutes long, there is no better way to explore these fascinating science and nature topics.
  8. Cool Stuff
    This exhibit is named exactly for what it has to offer, Cool Stuff. Whether you want to launch things into the air or lie on a bed of nails, this exhibit will leave you excited about all things science!
  9. Explore More Collections Lab
    Similar to the other Explore More labs, the Explore More Collections Lab has a yearly rotating theme. This year’s theme is water! Some of their special events include learning about the fossilization process.
  10. Featured Exhibitions
    Discovery Place in Charlotte offers featured exhibitions that rotate throughout the year. World Alive is the current exhibit where visitors can learn about the natural world through diverse habitats, hands-on labs, dramatic photography, and more! The next featured exhibit to arrive will be the famous Gunther von Hagen’s Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life. In this exhibit, you will be able to see the body through all stages of life. With over 100 plastinates, which are real preserved human specimens, you will be able to see the most powerful and popular exhibit that has ever come to Discovery Place.

Plan a Visit

Discovery Place in Charlotte is a quick 25-minute drive from Davidson Village Inn where you can plan to stay after you’re finished having fun at the museum. As one of the most unique museums in Charlotte, Discovery Place is fun for the whole family and a must see. If you’re planning a trip to the area, make sure to download our free Vacation Guide. We can’t wait to host you while you explore the beautiful city around us!