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Small Town, Big Fun (Amazing Things to Do Near Davidson)

There’s no shortage of things to do in the great state of North Carolina — whether it’s checking out the surf at the Outer Banks, hiking through Pisgah National Forest, or visiting the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, you’re sure to find something to enjoy. But while the Old North State has big attractions that draw in crowds, North Carolina’s smaller towns have plenty to offer tourists too.

Take Davidson, NC for example. A college town that was founded alongside Davidson College in 1837, it’s got an earnest, small town charm that’s sure to endear it to any visitor. While it might not have the hustle and bustle that you’d find in the big city, Davidson’s warmth feels like a breath of fresh air.

The town has a great sense of community, and has miles of green space and walking trails that make it a pleasure to wander around. If you’re ever in the area and need a breather, this town is the perfect place to stop. Looking to fill up your day? Here are a few things you can do in and around Davidson.

Go for a Hike at Lake Norman

Nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts will love to explore the beauty of nearby Lake Norman and its associated hiking trails. Lake Norman is the largest man-made body of fresh water in North Carolina, and has a collection of different trails that are sure to be enjoyable for any skill level. Check out the famous Alder Trail, one of the park’s oldest trails and an easy walk with beautiful views of the lake.

Get Some Stretching Done at Yoga on Davidson

If you’re feeling tense and stressed out, there’s nothing better for your mind and body than a hot yoga session. According to an article on the benefits of yoga by Jane Adamson, practicing yoga can relieve anxiety, making it an ideal form of self-care for anyone. Yoga on Davidson offers a variety of classes, ranging from Vinyasa to Hot Power Yoga. You can also check out their available workshops, which change with the season.

Check Out the Local Arts Scene

Despite its small town status, Davidson has a thriving arts scene that centers on the Duke Family Performance Hall in the Davidson College campus. It’s the home of local music and theater performers, including Davidson College students and the Davidson Community Players, and also hosts nationally-known music and theater during the Fine Arts season of Davidson college. There’s also a range of lectures, readings, and other performances that ensure that the town has its share of the arts and culture all year round.

Explore North Carolinian Produce

Probably one of the most exciting things you’ll want to catch on your trip to Davidson is the Davidson Farmer’s Market. Held every Saturday, the farmer’s market is a great place to capture the pulse of the town. It’s a thriving weekend market that has locals walking around, chatting with each other, and supporting local farmers. You can even check out prepared foods from local chefs, cheese producers, and families sharing recipes. If you’re lucky, you can catch activities for the kids or even the local bluegrass band serenading shoppers.

Dine Out, Davidson Style

For a small town, Davidson has a big heart— and stomach. The visit to Davidson may be worth it just for the chance to check out Kindred, a nationally-renowned restaurant that showcases the best of local culinary talent. Co-owners Joe and Katy Kindred see it as an extension of their home, and diners will find a warmth and flavor that they’re unlikely to catch anywhere else.

Written by Natalie D.

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