4 Growing Businesses in Charlotte NC

Charlotte, NC was recognized by Forbes as one of America’s top 20 fastest growing cities. The 2013 population growth rate was 2.3 percent, up form 2.1 the previous year. The city’s expanding economy, with a job growth rate of 2.6 percent, is just one of the factors attracting new residents to the area at such a fast rate. The Charlotte metro area also boasts a high quality of life. Many young professionals now deem the quality of their life in a place as important as their job, if not more important than it. A temperate climate coupled with a very reasonable cost of living in a national economic center make Charlotte at the top of the list for college graduate to go hunting for a job. Forbes also rates Charlotte as the 12th best place for business, which explains the concentration of quickly growing businesses in Charlotte NC.

Here are the top 4 growing businesses in Charlotte NC as of the 2013 Charlotte Business Journal review.

1. Boxman Studios

This company is an industry leader in designing, developing and and transporting custom shipping containers. Founded in 2008 during the real estate crisis the founder, David Campbell got the sense that building custom and beautiful structures out of recycled shipping containers for both personal and commercial use could be a sustainable alternative to the then-stagnant real estate market. He was right. Since their founding Boxman has hit an annual revenue growth rate of 500 percent.

2. Cornerstone Financial Partners, Inc.

This is firm devoted to managing and growing their clients’ assets through investments as well as consulting from their years of expertise in the financial industry. The firm was founded in 2001 by partners Andy Smith, Brian Needleman and Jeff Carbone. Since their founding they have grown to 19 financial advisors and 13 staff members. They have been voted as one of the nation’s top 1200 advisory firms.

3. DC74 Data Centers

Founded in 2008 with a unique approach in the industry by removing the third-party tension that usually exists when commercial data centers are involved, this small, private company offers clients a much more hands-on and collaborative IT experience. They work with 12 carriers and provide reliable and redundant data services. They give their clients seamless solutions and are always available for emergency recovery for companies.

4. Costner Law Office PLLC

This firm focuses on both personal and residential real estate transactions throughout the Carolinas and Tennessee. Costner is known for its flexible solutions and friendly, family business feel. Founded in 2008 by Attorney Josh Costner, this firm now has 8 offices across 3 states, and 15 attorneys working unique cases throughout the region.


Growing businesses in Charlotte NC are bringing in new residents in droves. If you’re in town doing business with one of these world class establishments we hope you’ll consider staying at our lovely accommodations at the Davidson Village Inn, just 30 minutes from downtown Charlotte. The town of Davidson will offer you a great getaway from the busy city, while still presenting a charming and comfortable environment teeming with the local culture. We hope you enjoy your visit here in North Carolina!