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3 Outdoor Activities at Fisher Farm Park

Fisher Farm Park is a 200 acre green space very close to downtown Davidson, North Carolina making it a favorite outdoor activities destination for locals and visitors alike. Just four miles from the Davidson Village Inn and accessible by public transportation, the park is a great option if you’re looking for a place to go for you daily run or just to take a walk and explore the North Carolina forests without leaving town. There is a variety of terrain depending on what your up for. Whether you’d prefer a paved path, a narrow trail or a patch of grass to relax on, Fisher Farm Park has it all.

Here are 3 of the best Fisher Farm Park pastimes:

  1. Biking
    With both a paved bike path as well as mountain trails winding up over the hill that the park is situated on, you can either enjoy a leisurely ride through the trees, or a technical mountain biking experience. Fisher Farm Park is one of the only places in the area where you can have this experience, and the mountain biking trails are known for being challenging and great fun. Because of their technicality, they are best ridden in dry conditions, and all of the trails are closed for 24 hours after it rains. Fisher Farm Full Loop is the most well-known trail, winding 4.3 miles through the park, with moderated inclines and declines along its course. None of the trails at the park are entirely flat, adding some challenge to your rides.
  2. Hiking and Running
    Whether you’re a race runner or a hobbyist, a trail or road runner, the park will give you a nice change of scenery from what you’re used to. While located in the middle of town, you will get the sense that you are deep in the forests of unsettled North Carolina when you take the trails for a tranquil bout of running. Hikers love to explore the many miles of trails twisting through these dense forests. They are always well maintained and ready to push you just far enough to be sure you head home sweating.
  3. Picnicking
    Whether exercising isn’t your thing or you prefer to combine it with a meal, taking a picnic to the park is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Grab a frisbee or soccer ball and whatever other lawn games you can gather, and hit the grass for some sunshine and relaxation. If you’re in town on the weekend stop by the Davidson Farmer’s Market to grab some delicious local snacks for your meal and get a taste of this great town.

Davidson is a great place to experience some time away. If you’re in town on business consider yourself lucky, as this charming little town is not only close to the Charlotte metropolitan area, but is surrounded by great outdoor adventures to be had like those you’ll find at the Fisher Farm Park. While visiting for pleasure, stay tuned to the Davidson Village Inn blog to keep up to date on all the great things happening around town.