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Family Fun at the Historic Latta Plantation

The Latta Plantation is a living history cotton plantation that is been around since 1800. Located in the Latta Nature Preserve, the Plantation offers many opportunities for families to learn about the historical plantation era of the south, as well as the devastating effects of the civil war on the culture and agricultural practices alike. Located in Huntersville, North Carolina, in Mecklenburg County, the Latta Plantation is an ideal day trip if you are visiting the Charlotte area. Not only can you explore the plantation grounds, but you can also take a hike through the surrounding nature preserve and take in some of the county’s wonderful wildlife.

Civil War Living History Event

On July 18th, visitors to the plantation will have a chance to experience a day in the life of someone alive during the summer of 1865 when the American Civil War was raging, devastating everyday life. While the soldiers marched around the southeast in rags with nothing to eat but what they could find, and scrappy weapons with which to fight, the families at home mourned their loved ones while trying to get by without the majority of their men. Talks, demonstrations, and exhibits throughout the day will lead you through this period of history and give you a better understanding of its effects on the life of plantation residents.

Plantation House Tours

The Latta Plantation is open every day except for Monday, offering tours of the beautiful plantation home multiple times a day, as well as doing many school group tours throughout the week. The home is beautifully restored and decorated with period antique furniture collected throughout the years since the restoration process began in the 1970s.

The Plantation Grounds

The plantation is still operated today by Latta Place Inc and is a working farm, though mainly for educational purposes. Visitors will get to see the donkeys, mules, cows, sheep, chickens and pigs that live happily on the farm to this day. The farm also has a small growing crop of cotton which is used for daily educational programs. You will also see the kitchen garden and honeybee exhibit. Every aspect of the farm was crucial to providing sustenance to plantation families throughout the year. When visiting you will be astounded at how much work it must have been for the Latta family not only to live on the land, but to try and make profit off it as well, especially without the help of the mechanized farming equipment you’ll find on modern farms. It truly is a fascinating world to explore! Can you imagine eating only what came out of your backyard?


Whether you’re from the south or not, exploring the Latta Plantation is a captivating trip through the south’s heritage and indeed its very soul. Don’t miss a chance to explore this world with your family and get educated on what life on the farm would have been like. If you are looking for other great activities in the area while here, check out this free Davidson, North Carolina vacation guide.